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Thread: Cash Drawer use

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    Tolgor Guest

    Cash Drawer use

    I know this should be simple, but I am having so much trouble with it! I simply cannot understand how to set up and use a cash drawer to use for tipouts and petty cash.

    I tried this:
    enable cash drawer
    log in to cash drawer
    process xacts for the day, log petty cash payouts
    ...then what? where am i supposed to close the drawer? in business or restaurant? and then how do i close & log out and leave $$$ in the drawer for the next manager to start with???

    The manual says:

    10.14.5 Cash Drawer Passwords
    Each employee can have a cash drawer password. When an employee takes control of a cash drawer he must enter a
    password. The entry of the password is what ties the employee to the cash for the cash drawer audit report. This
    employee becomes responsible for all funds processed while he is logged into the cash drawer.

    My Question is HOW do i set up more than one password for users of cash drawer 1?


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    We have a petty cash option that will allow you to record payouts against cash drawer totals. Use the daily sales and tips report in the restaurant system to determine whether you owe the server cash or they owe the business cash. This is determined by the amount of cash sales vs. credit card tips they received. After you cash out all of your servers, you can then close the drawer from the end of day processing area in restaurant.

    I assume you are using the restaurant version of bpa. Stay clear from the business system to handle end of day processing/tip type stuff. These are specific functions in the restaurant system.
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    zianne Guest
    ^I also take note of what you mentioned Tyson just in case we encounter the same prob in the future.

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    Tolgor Guest

    Is there any way to get a report of WHO opened the drawer during a specific datetime period?

    I have 4 people with password access to the drawer. Ideally, one is in charge at any one time, but what if I wanted to make sure they were the only one in the drawer during their management shift...?

    many thanks!

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