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Thread: lables are to large for some items

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    harry Guest

    Question lables are to large for some items

    some of my products are to small for your lables any sugestions
    i have seen verry small bar code labels

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    collective Guest

    Labels to Large ? Can It Be Solved By ??

    Just a question ..

    on the bar codes so I don't end up down the wrong road

    I have the same problem with the size of the lables ..

    so rather than use a bar code look up book for labels that don't fit on my items

    can I do the following?

    I want to use butterfly bar code labels for jewelry ..

    What If I use .. Argox lable printer and designer

    and design and make my bar codes with that printer ..

    Then would it be just a matter of scanning in a new item when adding to inventory ........

    and a way around .. the larger label problem?

    Thanks, Rick

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