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Thread: Setting up buttons

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    sljohnson61 Guest

    Question Setting up buttons

    I've been trying to set up my buttons on the resturaunt server screen and have some questions about formatting.
    1. Is there any way to increase the screen size? It is about 6"x8" and I would like to maximize it to the full size of the monitor screen (15") so that it, and the buttons, would be larger. We have several employees that have difficulty with small print..and for them, it is small.
    2. Is there a way of inserting a jpg instead of the name of the products on the buttons?
    3. Is there a way of increasing the number of letters allowed in the name of the product on the button? Not all of the 'H' is visible for the word 'Hamburger'.
    4. We sell buckets of beer at a discounted price. The buckets are allowed to be mixed with different kinds of beers. Is there a way that the servers can choose a button that says 'Bucket' and then them be able to choose the beers going into the bucket?

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    sljohnson61 Guest

    Have some answers...

    1. To increase size, adjust display setting pixels
    2. No, can't use jpg's on buttons
    3. Haven't gotten a reply to increasing letters allowed/or decreasing font size
    4. Haven't gotten a reply, but have figured a way around this

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