Why do sales not show up in the Sales Tax report for Tax Tables which have a zero tax rate? Those sales have to be reported each month and explained why they are tax exempt. I set up tax tables for schools, churches, etc.; thinking I would get a breakdown by tax code.

Also, what is included in the "nontaxable" column? Is this PRODUCTS on which no sales tax is required, or is it CUSTOMERS who are tax exempt, or both???

Also, once in a while an invoice will be listed TWICE on the sales tax report, thus doubling the tax liability if not corrected manually. This happened twice in March, on the same day. I can find no way to correct it, since the invoice is only listed once on the daily sales report, posting report and browse screen. Is this a glitch in the program, or am I doing something wrong when I enter the sale?

I would appreciate hearing from ANYBODY who can answer these questions.