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Thread: heartland payment system

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    wildhuckleberry Guest

    heartland payment system

    Is any one using heartland payment systems through the pos, if so
    how do you get that set up?

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    You want to go with payware pc. Here is a snippit of some cc integration information that our sales team sends out.

    Credit Card Processing:

    Credit Card Processing is an important part of your business and at Business Software Solutions we work hard to provide your company with affordable processing options with outstanding card service support. We have partnered with the following merchant account providers to provide integrated credit and debit card processing solutions. Please contact these providers for a quote on processing rates. They will provide their software integration at no charge and their rates are generally very competitive.

    X–Charge: Please contact Brad Lowry at 888-379-7007.

    PayPros: Please contact at 866-841-9790.

    If you have a current merchant account provider or are unable to run with one of our preferred partners, we support integrated credit card processing through PAYware PC from VeriFone. This module is $725.00, it includes PAYware PC, with 1 year of support and BPA Credit Card Module. This software includes 1 processing pipeline. If you are running multiple stations and running simultaneous credit card transactions you may need to purchase additional processing pipelines which are $100.00 per pipeline. This software is supported by most processors. 1 GB of RAM required to run this software.

    You are not required to run an integrated solution. Credit cards can be run outside of our software with stand alone solutions such as bank issued terminals.
    Business Software Solutions, Inc.
    (801) 336-3303

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