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Thread: Auto gratuity cash tip

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    Auto gratuity cash tip

    My restaurant accounts for an automatic 20% tip with parties of eight or more. This has been working great, and the servers have been happy; when the customers pay using a credit card. However, when the customers pay with cash there seems to be problems. Since the gratuity is already figured in the servers recieve their automatic 20% tip in cash and it is accounted for under the cash tip section of the close out slip. The problem is that this autograt cash tip is not deducted from cash owed at the end of the shift, so it looks like cash is short at the end of the shift... Is there a way to do this? Or am I missing something?

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    Just ran some tests in this area of bpa and it looks like everything looks ok. Do you have a specific example? I do know that they redesigned the daily sales & tips report not long ago that may or may not clear up some confusion/issues with this report. Try that and let me know and as always, our techs can take a closer look at that for you if you wish.
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