I am trying to create a return of 5 items to a vendor. I was hoping I could just include the -5 into an order received so it would adjust inventory correctly too, but it won't do it. So, I was told to creat an RMA from the File tool. When I do that, it automatically tries to create a customer return and only once in awhile lets me start a vendor return and I can't even read the information on the screen quick enough before the other screen customer return screen pops over the top of it. Also, when I go to put in the return, it doesn't allow me to state more than one. There is no quantity field or even a price field. Am I using the right forum to return items to a vendor? Is there a better way to do this so it will allow me to return and decrease the quantity and cost of the item from inventory too? There is nothting about this in the manual and I can't find any more information about this at all. Please help. I have asked other question on this forum but rarely get any response. I am really having a hard time here and think it is ridiculous that I should have to pay $2.00 a minute to ask question that should be in the manual. If this info is in the manual, please tell me what page! thanks!