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Thread: Multiple Cash drawers

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    amitbarkan73 Guest

    Multiple Cash drawers

    Can someone explain to me how to use multiple cash drawers.
    We are a small business and have been using only one drawer so far, making the closing easy, all the reports were for the same cash drawer.

    After we got robbed, and what looks to be internal, we want to implement a multiple cash drawer system, where each shift will have to switch cash drawers.

    How does that process work? my main concern is a) do they need to do anything in the system when the shift changes (meaning new cash drawer) b) on closing, how do i sepereate the drawers and validate that the register and cash drawer are the same?

    Thank you,

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    Madison Guest
    Unless you have multiple cashiers you may not need multiple drawers. It may be easier just to count the single drawer after each shift and maybe periodically throughout the shift.

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    First off, make sure you are running the latest version of bpa. You can see if your system is compatible by checking in misc def for an option that says enable dual cash drawers under the printers and devices menu.

    From there, once you have enabled the dual drawers, you then define the printer that they are set up on. After this you can change the cash drawer numbers under the manager tab. If you want to track sales specific to each drawer, you want to input unique cash drawer id's.

    You can manage this however you would like. Usually at a shift change, I see managers pull a particular drawer and before any sales are cashed out, they change the drawer number that they just pulled. This freezes the amount that was in the old cash drawer number and allows you to count it separately at another station. Basically just repeat.

    I hope this helps!
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    amitbarkan73 Guest
    Hi Tyson,
    thank you. what i would need is instruction on how when the shift changes to change it in the register.

    We only have one register and all i want is when the shift ends/starts to enable them to have their own drawer, so at end we can see who is responsible for missing money, as we had problems with this.


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    You change this under manager functions->Misc Definitions->Manager (tab). Whenever you need to assign someone with a unique drawer id, that is where you will change it. If you have dual drawers enabled, you can assign 2 drawer #'s there and when they first log into that particular terminal, it will ask what number of drawer they would like to be assigned to.
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