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    GolfSideGrille Guest

    Lightbulb Credit Card Processing

    I am going to start processing my credit card transactions through BPA software using PPI Paymover. Is there anything special i have to do for it besides the account token from PPI? do you have to do anything at the end of the night or anything to get my credit card funds??

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    PPI should supply some type of report that you can run to show what was processed. If you have any issues with the integration after you enter the account token, feel free to contact our technical support staff at (801) 336-3303. Thanks!
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    Madison Guest
    On PPI's main screen(left side in blue) is an option for reports. It will provide you with daily totals for the batches submitted.
    Also, at the top of the page(in white) is a link for reporting tools. It will open another window and you will have to login again. This link gives you more options and info for reports.

    Hope this helps!

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    GolfSideGrille Guest
    so like their website i go on or what?

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    Madison Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GolfSideGrille View Post
    so like their website i go on or what?
    This is the main log in screen. You will see the other links after you log on.

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