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Thread: Leave messages for employee

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    Leave messages for employee

    Hi guys, I have request and very important one..
    Regularly every day I have to make notes for my employees what I need from them to do.
    My notes are all over the touch monitors.
    It is possible to make a little change in POS system so I can make notes for employees inside the server clock in clock out or manager section or main screen. When employees came to work and clock in the message will pop up in case there is more request from manager to employee there should be option to print the message so they will remember or they will sign up and leave the print paper in theirs books.
    I am not using schedule program in the POS system so it should not be connect to the schedule system.
    “Server clock in clock out” – “Message for employee”
    I will give you guys one month for to figure out….))

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    Submitted to our developers. Not sure if or when but they are aware of your request.
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    speaking of notes

    Speaking of Notes That pop-up upon clocking in is there a currently a way the have notes pop-up before an employee rings up an order or possible when they enter their number to begin a transaction? I believe it would be beneficial as to list eighty-sixed items and/or items that should be pushed.

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