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Thread: Need Ideas on How To Do This

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    Evan Guest

    Need Ideas on How To Do This

    Alright guys, here is something interesting, and I need some help figuring out the best way to administer this.

    My town is starting an innovative program to help our local businesses. Here's how it works.

    The town runs a huge ad campaign- television, print, mail, billboards- telling our residents that if they come to a select few businesses, 5% of their purchase will be credited to their own tax bill. So, John Doe comes into La Piazza and spends $100.00. La Piazza sends $5 to the township, and that $5 is credited against John Doe's property tax.

    I need a way to track these specific purchases, i.e., only for those people who register for the program, run a monthly report of how much each participant spent so that I can send the township a check, and provide the township with that report and they know which property tax account to credit, and how much.

    So without re-writing any code, what is the best way you can come up with to administer this? Perhaps through one of the built in loyalty programs?

    C'mon guys- Tyson, I know you can figure this out!!

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    Madison Guest
    One way that you could generate the report is by establishing a Customer Loyalty Program. This may entail some work on your part initially, but will probably provide a more accurate report. It depends on if you do any other loyalty discounts or promotions. You would not have to give a discount to the customer, but it should track there visits and purchases.
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