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    I am being audited by the County Commissioner of revenue. When I try to pull up any sales reports prior to May 28, 2010 I get the message that there are no sales for the period. I have not reset the system or deleted any data (we should go back to 2005) Is there anything I can do to try to rstore this data or is it gone for good? The only thing i can think of that we may have done at that time was to update the software to a newer version.

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    I am thinking you need to unarchive your sales data. This can be done from the misc. definitions screen.

    Restaurant System -> Manager Functions -> Misc. Definitions

    If you are having problems doing this, contact our support at (801) 336-3303.
    I hope this helps!
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    I found that option after I posted this, I am going to try right after lunch rush, as I have to log out the clients to make the change. Thanks!

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