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Thread: Total line on Receipts

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    Total line on Receipts

    For years now, customers have been complaining that they cannot see the total on the receipts. In most restaurants, the lighting is dimmer at night, and something about the font on receipts is hard to read. I know it probably would not be that hard to update the printer commands to have the printer use the large font for the Total line on the receipt. Could you make a suggestion to the developers to do this? Thanks!

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    I wanted to bring this suggestion back up as well. It would be great if the engineers could be programmed the total line to be printed in LARGE font on the receipt. It would really help our guests when they are trying to pay after their meals.

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    I wanted to modify this feature request to include large font for Auto-Gratuity. Some customers don't notice the auto gratuity on CC receipts. We want to leave the tip line on the receipts for customers who choose to tip more. However, we keep having issues with customers who inadvertently "double tip" because the Auto-Gratuity print is too small on the receipt.

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    I'm hoping to get some options in there to affect the way we print different things on the receipt. We recently added the ability to print red/bold on the cooks ticket. I will definitely pass this on to our developers.

    Just because you mentioned auto gratuity, I recommend you go over this and make sure you understand the recent IRS/tax changes on auto gratuity.
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