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Thread: NEED HELP - when server runs the wrong card for a ticket

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    NEED HELP - when server runs the wrong card for a ticket

    Our servers occassionally run the wrong card on a ticket, and i am at a loss for the best way to finish processing this scenario...

    OPTION 1

    1) go into my pc charge and finish processing the transaction (thru post auth)
    2) void the sale
    (this ensures the credit card charge pre auth is not held, but shows an additional charge and credit - which we warn the customer about)
    3) rerun with correct card

    OPTION 2
    1) forget about the incorrect pre auth and just rerun the correct card on the same table
    (this leaves the incorrect xact in pre auth, and funds are held by bank for some indeterminate amount of time. we stopped doing this b/c customers always phoned to complain)

    Am I crazy? Why is this so hard? What does everyone else out there do? I wish there was an easy way to VOID the pre-auth.

    Your info would be much appreciated.


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    There is no way to void a pre-auth. I suggest you re-authorize the correct card on the table. Different banks handle pre-auth's differently so there is no clear way to tell if these funds will be held by their bank or not. I think your approach to charging and refunding isn't a bad solution, but like you say it is a tedious manual procedure.
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