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Thread: Hardware bar code scanner

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    ice Guest

    Question Hardware bar code scanner

    I have 2 bar code scanner that I purchased:

    Intermec: scanplus 1800 ST

    symbol: LS-3000MX - 1200A

    Can you tell are those compatible cause I have a hard time getting to work with your software 8.0.


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    Any keyboard wedge and usb scanners should work fine with the software, serial / comport scanners won't work. If you are having trouble getting the software to find a product code / upc in Customer Orders or POS that you have defined as a product you need to check what you have entered in the product record for a product id / upc:

    Example if you have a 12 digit upc code entered in the product record:

    If you keyed it in from a printed upc code then you need to make sure that your scanner scans all the charactors of the upc code, some scanners leave out the system digit which is the first number of the printed upc code and check digit which is the last digit of the printed upc code or both.

    Barcode From Label: 038576856349
    System Digit Missing: 38576856349
    Check Digit Missing: 03857685634
    Both Missing: 3857685634

    If this is the case you can delete the incorrect record and then define a new product. When you go to define your product, instead of typing in the barcode with the keyboard click on the product id / upc field and then scan the upc code with the scanner, it should scan the barcode numbers into the field. This way you won't have keyed in a value that your barcode doesn't return when it scans the barcode.

    You must define products with the correct upc or product code entered into the product sku / upc field in the product definitions screen in order to have the system find anything when you scan or enter an item code in the POS or Customer Orders. You can assign the upc code to either the Product Sku or Upc fields in the product definitions screen.

    BSS Tech Support Manager / Software Engineer

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    cbycompserv Guest
    Hi There,

    I just purchased an Intermec 1800ST with the Ps2 interface. It isn't working right now. Did you ever get yours to work?


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    cbycompserv Guest
    I just thought I would let you know - I got my Scanplus 1800ST to work perfectly.

    The problem was being caused by the cable, once I had plugged it into the keyboard port, and then got an adapter to change the db9 to ps2, and plugged the Keyboard into the scanner cord it worked great.

    I must add that the scanplus tech support are excellent, they called me for free the very same day that I logged a call in their forum/database.


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