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Thread: Wish List 2011 Redux

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    Evan Guest

    Wish List 2011 Redux

    So about a year and a half ago (specifically, in February 2010) I posted a wish list of changes that I would have liked to see in the BPA software. Quite to my signficant chagrin, after all this time, the development team has still not addressed any of these issues.

    I've reviewed my list now and updated, removing some of the items of lesser importance, and adding one or two new thoughts, it in the hopes that the developers will have some time to make our lives a little easier.

    So without further ado, I do below present Wish List 2011.

    1. Ticket Printing. This is by far the biggest problem we are having. Because of the way we are set up, it gets very confusing when only certain items are printed on the Cook's tickets.

    The Cook's ticket has to be matched up with the Pizza ticket, which both have to be matched up with the receipt from the receipt printer and things are going missing when the delivery person takes the delivery.

    It would be extremely helpful if there was a toggle to "Print All Items" on the Cook's tickets- not just the items that come from each Cook.

    2. Driver Bank. When our drivers come in in the morning, we typically give them a "bank" to use for change. It would be helpful to have a way to enter the amount given to them so that when they are cashed out at the end of the day, the bank amount is included in the total amount due.

    3. Open Item. Sometimes we need to send an order back that cannot be accomplished through the menu (i.e., unprogrammed items, special cir***stances, etc.). To do this, I've set up a button for a taxable transaction, but after you enter the amount, the function ends. It comes up as "Open Item" and waits for you to enter the next item. We then enter Specific Note lines to tell the chef exactly what we need. It would be nice to have a text window open after you enter the amount so that we wouldn't need to enter a million Specific Note lines for these orders.

    4. X-Report. Our old system had an "X-Report" function that reported all sales so far during the day. It reported anything that went through the computer- whether the order was closed or not. As stated above, we generally do not close our driver's orders until the end of their shift, so the Pre-Post Sales Report will not include that information. It would be nice to have a report that would let us know, at any point during the day, where we are, whether or not the tables are posted or orders are closed.

    On the main menu, there's a report called "VIEW OPEN ORDER HEADER." All of the open items are listed there, but there is no total. You can't even highlight the column and cut and paste into Excel. Would it be difficult to put totals at the bottom of that report?

    5. Deliveries as Open Orders. Again, with the deliveries. Until the driver deliveries are closed, they stay on the Open Order screen. It would be helpful if there was a way for them to come off that list once the delivery is assigned to a driver.

    6. Make Time. Often, people will call in the afternoon for an order to be picked up or delivered later in the day. It would be helpful to have a way to put a note at the top of the ticket: "READY AT 6:30."

    7. Item Complete. Not nearly as important, but it would be handy to be able to see which orders in the open order list have been marked as "Order Complete" - an asterisk, italics- something- to show that the order is locked.

    8. Driver Cash Out. Why doesn't the drawer open when the driver is cashed out and closed? Clearly he is tendering money if that screen is activated.

    9. Customer Search. It would be helpful to have a way to search the customer list by account number, name or address from the touchscreen menu (or even the MISC menu).

    C'mon guys- help us out!

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    Evan, first of all, we appreciate your feedback. We always are looking for ways to improve our delivery system and you definitely have some good suggestions here. I would like to address a few of them if I could.

    1. You can activate your items to print or not to print on the cooks ticket. If you enable every item on your menu to print on your cooks printers then every item will print each time you send the items to cook.

    3. When you define this open item as a menu item, activate the ‘cooking instructions’. This way, when you select that item from the menu, you have cooking instructions and special notes come up automatically. The ‘enter custom note’ option is the first button under the special notes.

    6. We are looking at implementing this option in the near future.

    Again, thanks for the feedback. All of your suggestions have been submitted to our engineering department.
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