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    Should I pay for extra licence fee for the kitchen system? I tried installing the software through the network for kitchen computer and it is telling me to call for the licence.

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    Unhappy Disappointed!

    I called them about the kitchen computer license. I was told that I have to pay $400 to run the software on the second computer!!
    I wish there was a way that I could see the pricing system in advance. It would have changed my decision making about getting this software or other ones from competitors.
    And it is a weird way of pricing. Usually the first license is more expensive and you would pay some fracture of the first license for extra computers. Here it is backward! You pay $70 for the first one and $400 for second one.

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    The initial cost of $70.00 is for a single user/1 station license. You pay $400 per station to unlock the multi-user license. Just a note, if the hardware comes from Business Software Solutions then that $400 license is free. This is specifically for stations that are not purchased from BPA.
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