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Thread: Error 1958 When Trying to Print Barcodes

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    Question Error 1958 When Trying to Print Barcodes

    I finally have my 1,600 plus items entered and need to print some barcodes for those items that don't already have them. I have no idea what a "Blazer" bar code printer is. I'm using a Thermal Label Printer that I purchased to print my UPS labels. I'm confused on the difference between DT Direct Thermal & TT Transfer Thermal, but it prints a label for either option I select....but when I try to print a barcode label it gives me "Error 1958 Error Loading Printer Driver". I changed the printer driver to "windows generic text only" like was suggested to somebody else on the forum, but it does nothing. Even though my printer icon tells me it's getting the file, nothing prints. Can anybody help me please?

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    The barcode printing in the software only prints to a Cognitive Solutions Barcode Blaster Advantage barcode printer.

    The difference between Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer is Direct Thermal burns the text and barcode into the label and Thermal Transfer transfers wax from a wax ribbon to the barcode label.

    Aslo you will need to use a Windows Generic Text Only printer driver that is supplied with the windows operating system and you will have to select the correct printer driver to print to when printing the labels.

    BSS Tech Support Manager / Software Engineer

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    Thanks for the explanation about DT vs TT, it really helped. Guess I'll have to buy a different barcode printer, oh well. Thanks for your reply, it was appreciated.

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