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Thread: Post Table Sales Report

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    Post Table Sales Report

    When running reports at the end of the day, after attempting to 'post table sales' there is an error message that reads:

    See your system administrator error: 12 variable 'CODT_INV' is not found.

    And then comes a forced shut down of the whole BPA program. I've since stopped running post table sales reports, but I'd really like to know how to resolve this. Any ideas?

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    It sounds like you have an index problem. 'CODT_INV' is one of the index tags involved with posting tables. From here, I would say reindex your data files. You can do this from the first screen when you enter bpa. You go to 'files' at the very top and scroll down to 'reindex data files'.

    If this doesn't fix the problem, contact our technical support staff at (801) 336-3303.
    Business Software Solutions, Inc.
    (801) 336-3303

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