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Thread: BPA + 2 Receipt Printers on USB-to-Serial - Print Job Freezing

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    BPA + 2 Receipt Printers on USB-to-Serial - Print Job Freezing

    BPA is installed at our restauarant and there is a Server POS station and a Client POS station. Each station has its own cash drawer and receipt printer. Ther Server PC has a receipt printer and the kitchen's order printer connected to it via (2) USB-to-Serial Adapters (the printer's are Epson parallel connection printers).

    Previously the Server PC's receipt printer was connected to it via a parallel-to-serial cable, but it all of a sudden stopped working after a memory upgrade. I tried both serial ports on the PC and different port configurations in the printer properties, but nothing would print . I went out and bought a 2nd USB-to-Serial cable (like the one already in place for the Kitchen printer) and installed that. Once I configured the receipt printer to use COM4 (the port identified for the adapter), printing worked fine .

    After a few hours of use, though, I was called and told that BPA on the Server PC was freezing and it happens when you close the order and a receipt is supposed to print . After some troubleshooting I discovered that if I unplug and replug the USB end of the USB-to-Serial adapter into the computer, it would not only unfreeze BPA, but also print the receipt. This seems to temporarily fix the freeze, but it cant be a permanent solution to this problem.

    Does anyone have any idea why after 20-30 succesful orders and receipt prints, why BPA would freeze on sending the receipt to the printer and not send the print job ? I would expect it to consistently print, or not print at all, but this problem is very confusing becuase it happens intermitantly. I checked and the printer settings are the same as the Client POS station settings.

    My next trial is put in a new low-profile serial card and pray that I can just plug the parallel-to-serial cable into that and it will work without freezing any more. Any ideas are appreciated.
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    It sounds like it's directly related to your printer. I would maybe try a fresh install of the generic text only print driver. I'm behind you on trying the serial card and going straight into that. I've noticed some problems with usb printing when you have more than one usb printer. Windows sometimes gets garbled up with the multiple drivers.

    That's a tough situation but i'm willing to bet it's related directly to your printer setup. Have you tried stopping and restarting the print spooler? Give that a go.

    Good luck and let us know!
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    praetas Guest
    Yeah, I tried reinstalling the drivers, and restarting the print spooler, but it wouldnt fix the problem. Ultimately I did install the PCI Serial Card and that resolved the problem. The printer and BPA no longer freeze after 30-40 prints, so I guess all is good.

    I just dont get what caused it to freeze at all, after so many successful prints...? Oh well...

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