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Thread: Post POS Sales Error

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    shouyisong Guest

    Post POS Sales Error

    Hi there,

    Starting from couple days ago, whenever I use the Post POS Sales function, I receive an application error (after about three minutes of posting) stating the following:

    BPA.EXE - Application Error

    The exception Floating-point division by zero.
    (0xc000008e) occurred in the application at location 0x0c0d4288.

    Click OK to terminate the program.


    As a result, posting is interrupted and I end up with incorrect sales record (e.g. in the monthly sales report, sales are doubled for the last few days).

    Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.


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    I think it would be best to have a tech review your data. Somewhere in there, the posting routine is trying to divide by zero which crashes any software out there. As far as where it's happening, I don't know so contact tech support and they can pinpoint the problem. I also suggest an update to the software.
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    shouyisong Guest
    Thanks! I will contact the tech support.

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