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    Catering Orders

    We have many catering orders that customers pick up from our restaurant each week. I have noticed that a customer can be assigned to an order, which is very nice since the database can hold their name, number, and credit card info. Is there a way to "put an table on hold" after it is sent to the kitchen? That way, it could be reopened a week or so later when the customer comes in to pay and pick up their food. Also, is there a way to put in a "pickup date" and "pickup time" on the ticket for the kitchen? Up to now, we have been doing all this by hand with a pen and paper, and this would be a really great feature in the BPA software, if such a thing is available.

    If it is not, perhaps someone could make a suggestion to the developers to work on something like this. I think other restaurants could benefit from it as well. Not only for catering orders, but also for large pick up orders that are placed a day or two in advance.


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    There is no way to place a table on hold. We recommend that you use the business system for this. You can define them as a customer and place a credit card in their account definition. You can then either use customer orders and fill out everything but don't apply the payment or just create the order on the restaurant side and place the payment on account. The customer can pay whenever through accounts receivable.

    I know that's brief and it might require some follow up questions. For specifics, I suggest you go over your specific situation with on of our technicians. (801) 336-3303.
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