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Thread: mgreater7 ???

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    jazzplayermark Guest

    mgreater7 ???

    I'm trying to run my first payroll. I think I have everything setup but when I try to run the cash requirements report I get an error that says:

    An error has occured that required BPA to close.

    The error is:

    program: MARRIED line number 427

    ERROR 12: variable MGREATER7 not found.

    I'm probably missing something but the termination method seems a little strange.

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    Madison Guest
    You may need to get the payroll update for this year.

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    jazzplayermark Guest

    I just got the software

    I just downloaded and installed the software a couple of weeks ago. I would think the payroll module would be up to date.

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    Madison Guest
    they have a new update with current tax changes.
    You may have to call

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