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Thread: DATA export from BPA?

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    imagine Guest

    DATA export from BPA?

    How do you export all data from one computer to another?


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    minektur Guest
    Not sure exactly what you mean, but let me guess:

    Are you wanting to just move your bpa installation from one computer to another one and throw/give/sell the original computer away?

    If so, I think you can just copy over the entire contents of c:\bpa over the network to a new computer and then just run the software there. You'll have to make your own start-menu icon and you'll probably have to reconfigure your print queues...

    On the other hand, are you wanting a two-computer set up where you concurrently use both to access the same database? If so see the forum on remote client setup, read page 7 through 9 in the manual .

    If neither of these answerd your question, give us some more detail about what you are trying to do and perhaps we can help you.

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