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Thread: Map Point and Customer Lists

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    Evan Guest

    Map Point and Customer Lists

    Two questions, please.

    First, how do I integrate Map Point with the BPA software? I bought Map Point 2009 and installed it, but when I click "map" on the delivery screen, it still says that I have to get the Map Point module. Is there a flag to set or a directory that I have to point to?

    Second, is it possible to buy and import telephone book listings? My old software came loaded with the name, address and telephone numbers of all listed people in three zip codes.


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    You will need to call in to get the flag file for map point. (801) 336-3303.

    You can import the telephone listings with the import utility. I believe the price on that will be $85. You will need your own data source and it needs to be CSV, Tab/Comma delimited, or DBase3 compatible. Basically, if you can get the data in Microsoft Excel, you should be fine.
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