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Thread: Delete all menu items and start over

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    Delete all menu items and start over

    I downloaded a demo version of the restaurant delivery software some time ago, which I have now purchased. Even though I deleted the demo before installing the new software, the demo records are still showing up in the database. Is there a way to wipe the database clean (remove all demo records, i.e., product items, etc.) and start with a fresh database? I don't really want to sit and delete each product item one by one.

    I tried to simply delete the product.dbf file and re-indexed as one of the techs directed in another thread, but the software crashed when it couldn't find the file.

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    If you havn't started entering in your own data (product_id's, menu items, etc), I would uinstall the software, delete the bpa folder that is in the C: drive, then reinstall.

    It sounds like the actual bpa data wasn't removed through the uninstall process.
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