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Thread: Star TSP100 thermal printer: generic?

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    pauloregon Guest

    Star TSP100 thermal printer: generic?

    Greetings. One of the cardinal rules of BPA software that we all learn is to use printers in generic mode, not in a vendor specific mode. This is pretty easy to do when the printer is installed on a serial (COMx) port, but is not as easy if the printer is installed via USB.

    As you know, printers on USB are identified via plug n' play, which means you have less control over the driver specification. As I try to set up a new restaurant with this USB printer as a receipt printer, I am stumped how to make it work as generic. Any best known methods out there?

    Some scenarios tried so far:

    - Remove the Star driver from the system. Reboot, attach printer, comes up on USB001. System detects printer, cannot install driver, says HW may not be usable. Trying to force a generic printer driver on it doesn't work.

    - Let the Star driver find the printer, verify that it is working. Go into properties and try to change the driver from the Star TSP100 driver to generic. Printer no longer works.

    Note that as a Star printer (vs generic), I can print tickets with a couple of problems: print is light and not as dark as the Windows test page, and there is the wonderful "VB" garbage printed as the first line of the ticket.

    Is it possible that USB printers should not be used with BPA software?

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    Justin Guest
    Hello, sorry for the trouble.
    One thing we have done that has worked in these situations is to leave the star driver installed, but then add a Generic/Text only driver and point the port toward the star driver's USB port. This has worked for us in the past but give it a try and let me know if it works!

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    bobstp Guest
    I just recently had this problem and found a work around for it.

    Ignore the POSitiveSoftware instructions, obviously. This corrected the issue for me.

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    pauloregon Guest
    Just a note that we still have this problem. The receipt printer (TSP100 thermal) shows dark text with the Windows test page. Also, using the TSP100 config page of the device settings, I can print a character set test page with dark font. But, I cannot get BPA to print a ticket dark!!

    Seems that some type of chr string needs to be sent to the printer by BPA. Anyone figure this out?

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    Every time I've seen this issue, it has to do with the driver. Make sure you're running the generic/text only print driver. If you guys are indeed using that particular driver, maybe put a call into BSS tech support to see if they can verify all of the cutoff/open strings. Maybe you got something in there that is interfering.

    Good Luck!
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    pauloregon Guest
    Thanks Tyson. The issue is that since this is a USB device, it's going to take the Plug n Play route looking for a driver that matches the vendor ID/device ID of the printer. With a serial printer on COMx, it's easy to manually set up the device a certain way.

    Now, having said that, the printer IS configured to be generic/text only and otherwise runs fine. The key difference from another restaurant where this works fine is that this printer has a USB interface.

    A tech from Star Micronics said that this string will force dark printing

    ESC * r Q n NUL

    I plan to try this as soon as I can. Another option is for me to connect this printer via a USB/RS-232 adapter but I'd have to add serial ports and that's sort of a pain.

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    I understand that it is usb. The star driver should supply some type of 'usb to serial' driver. You simply set that up and point your Gen/Txt Only to that port. It's like it runs off of a com port even though it's usb. The only time i've ever seen that light printing is if somehow the manufacturers actual printer driver is interfering.

    I've even seen configurations where you remove the printer driver but it's somehow still there. This sounds like one of those situations. I've seen hundreds of star USB printers work just fine without any special strings. Regardless, i'm sure that string will help and I'll be sure to note that for our techs and future reference. Nice find!

    Let me know how it goes!
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