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Thread: 2 comps, 1 database, windows XP/Vista Issue

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    2 comps, 1 database, windows XP/Vista Issue

    I have browsed the forums and found several links that were helpful to try, however none have expressed my issue directly and I would greatly appreciate any help that you can give.

    There are two computers.
    They are networked via a LAN/Workgroup.
    One is running Vista 64bit
    One is running XP Home (this is the computer that holds the database for BPA and it is installed on the c: )
    Both machines DO have BPA installed on them (the vista machine just has the shell)
    I can see EVERYTHING in the BPA folder on the share.
    I can BEGIN to backup, install and network the software.

    The issue is that whenever I try to do anything that makes the vista machine try to talk with the XP machine or even install the network settings for BPA on the vista machine, it get a msg that reads:

    the software that you have is not compatible with the 64bit version of windows. please contact your software technical support
    (or something there in)

    ?-why will the program install and RUN on the vista box independently but not talk to the XP box via the network settings?
    ?-is there a simpler way for me to have both computers access the database and update it?

    Thank you soooo much for any assistance.

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    Call and get an update to your software. I believe the issue is that you are running a version of BPA that isn't compatible with 64 bit windows. The current version is compatible.
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