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Thread: printer getting error message

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    printer getting error message

    We have a Star SP2000 printer that is spooling out extra paper every time it prints. In trying to fix this problem as we did before, we get an error message - error 1231 missing operand. Also it will not clear the last sale after printing. We have to get out of the program and get back in again every time. Please help.

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    A fix for your issue might not be easy to track down using a support forum. Depending on what you did to fix the long paper issue, it is possible that the cutoff/cash drawer open string has been modified.

    Usually to fix the long receipt printout you go to the printer properties. Under the 'device settings' tab you will see three options. All three of those need to be set to either not available or envelope. Sometimes envelope works more often. If you changed anything else, I recommend that you contact our technical support staff to help you track down that error you're receiving.
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