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Thread: Loophole in New Password Update

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    Grazianosjurupa Guest

    Angry Loophole in New Password Update

    I called a couple of days ago because there is a loophole in the new password update. The employees can still remove items/orders by going to the remove/modify items button on the main screen, then clicking modify item which brings up the gray box, and then by clicking the remove item button from that point and it does not prompt them for a password. I have already had a tech look at it through remotely logging into my computer to make sure I had all the settings right and he confirmed that it was indeed a loophole on the software side. I was wondering when I am going to receive a call back and when this is going to be fixed as I am in the same prediciment I was in since before the redesigning of the password options.

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    Grazianosjurupa Guest

    Talking Yay!

    I got the update that fixed the password problem. Everything is all good now. I failed to mention in my other posts how nice everybody is when I call in with a problem. The unlimited tech support really comes in handy.

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