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Thread: menus items problems

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    blubambu Guest

    menus items problems

    I aleady set up the items menus for dinner and lunch,the problem i'm having is the price items are the same for lunch and dinner,how do i change the price for each one,ie chichen dinner is 12$,and chicken lunch is 8$.Thanks for any help

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    Madison Guest
    You have two choices.
    The first is the easiest.
    Under the "Define Products" tab it gives you a choice for several different pricing levels.
    One option is a "Lunch Price".
    After you set the lunch price you need to go to the "Misc Definitions" tab and find the "Prices" heading. Set your times for lunch.
    The other option is to create a seperate products for your lunch and dinner menus
    Either way you can get the same results.

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    blubambu Guest

    menus items problem

    Thanks Madison for your help,but where i can find the "prices'' heading,also how do i set the times for lunch.In case if i want to use the second option,how do i create a separate product for each one,lunch and dinner.Thanks a lot

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    Madison Guest
    1. From the main screen choose "Restaurant System"
    2. Next choose "Manager Functions"
    3. Enter password if your operation has applied that restriction.
    4. Under "Manager Menu" Choose "Misc Definitions"
    5. Repeat step 3 if applicable
    6. Choose the "Prices Tab"
    7. Enter your time for lunch in 24 hour format (1300=1:00) and set the days(sun-sat) you serve lunch.
    8. When finished click "Save and Exit"

    You would set up products for your lunch menu the same as you did initally.
    Use a product decription like "Lunchburger" or "lburger" so you can tell the difference.
    You can even have a menu tab on the order entry screen strictly for lunch items if you want.

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