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Thread: Edit topping list names from list 1 etc.

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    Edit topping list names from list 1 etc.

    I think it would be beneficial for users of BPA to be able to edit the topping list names from, say, topping list 1 to small and say, list 6 to small gourmet, list 2 to medium, 3 to large, 7 to medium gourmet etc. It would make life so much easier when we have new staff to train. Its easy to hit the wrong button and either not make what we should make on a pizza or upset a paying guest by overcharging for toppings

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    I'm not sure if they plan on changing this or would change it at this point. I've heard them discuss a new open way of handling sides / toppings. I will submit your request over to our development.
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    I couldn't remember which priced topping list corresponded with which size pizza so I had to write them all down...and the employees would get confused as to what Priced Toppings 1 meant, whereas if I was able to change the name it would make life much easier. We can change the name of sides lists, sub sides lists, etc., but not priced toppings just doesn't make since to me.

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