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Thread: Tax calculation issue's

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    Tax calculation issue's

    I have just recently set up the program and followed the instrutions to the best of my knowlege, but for some reason the program is not adding pst or gst which is required on all sales, to the final check out amount.

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    In the product id definition screen, make sure you have goods taxable, tax dine in, and tax dine out all set to "Y". You then need to head over to the business system and go to definitions. In there you will find a sales tax table. Fill out the tax rate under tax table 1. For Canadian users, you will find an area at the bottom of this screen that lets you specify your GST rate.

    Try that out. If you are still having issues, check an option in your misc definitions screen. You are looking for "enable product bar tax for this station" and make sure that is turned off (unless you are indeed using the bar taxing option).

    Hope that helps!
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    This does not work for me!

    Help!!! This IS NOT working for me - I did what you mention above, and they are all like that, the database browse function shows the goods taxable as N but the box is checked. huh?


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