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    Is it possible to print reports (such as business summaries, etc) on the receipt printer using the BPA POS software? We only have one system and do not have room for an actual printer.

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    Currently, the only reports that are designed for the receipt printer are the daily sales and tips reports. (daily sales report on touch point of sale side.) Other reports can be ran but they are formatted only for an 8.5" x 11" paper printer. You can view them on-screen without printing anything.

    One option I've seen is printing the report to a PDF print driver. It's a printer that you install and when you send print jobs to it, you will see an option to save the file as a .PDF. This way you can email your reports, store them on your HDD, copy to a flash drive, etc.

    The driver I recommend for this is CutePDF. Here is their website You will want to get the CutePDF writer - I believe it's a free version of the software.
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