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Thread: Auto Gratuity Tax

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    Auto Gratuity Tax

    We were thrilled to find that the latest BPA revision has the option of charging tax on the auto gratuity. The only thing our book keeper needs now is a way to obtain the amount of the auto gratuity for each close out. Would it be possible to add another line in the tips section of the daily sales and tips report, that shows the total amount of auto gratuity? Thanks!

    Also, the new split check feature has been working great! Our servers love it!

    EDIT: Oops...I probably should have put this under manager functions.
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    Just wanted to check to see if there was any word on the reports. I was asked by our accountant and GM, if the reports would be updated soon. Thanks!

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    Any word on the reports? It is important for our records.

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    I'm still being asked about this on a weekly basis. Any updates would be great! Thanks.

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    This report has been submitted over to our developers. We will be adding this report. Time frame is uncertain at the moment. I will post back as I get updates on how this is coming along.
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