Sometimes, on our reports (Z and daily sales and tips), the tax amount does not make sense. Here in CA, our tax is 8.25%. The tax on the report is sometimes higher than 8.25% of the total sales. Sometimes it is actually a few dollars more. The general manager is quite concerned, and I told him it might just be from the fractional cent amounts that are rounded off on the individual tickets. I figure the tax amount on the report would be the sum off the tax amounts collected on each ticket. If we had some tax free items, then the total tax would be less than 8.25% of the total sales. Am I correct in assuming this, or might there be something else wrong? All of our items are taxed at the same rate, so it seems if it was due to round off error, the tax should alternate between slightly above and below 8.25% of the total sales, not ALWAYS above.