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Thread: Refunding Cash Customer

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    Refunding Cash Customer

    For some reason I am suprised this isnt in the manual or noone has asked - maybe I just cant figure it out -

    We are quick serve counter service BBQ joint, customers pay before they get the food when they place the order and the table is closed at that time.... how do I refund a cash customer that was disatisfied or for whatever reason.

    Thanks in advance.

    Tom Cuneo
    TC's Memphis BBQ

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    There is two options in misc definitions that says 'remove closed table' or 'reopen closed table'. You can either just remove it all together if you know the amount to refund or if you need to remove a specific item or edit the receipt at all, just reopen the closed table and access it again through the restaurant sales screen.

    You need to know that you can not reopen or remove a posted table. If it is a day or so later and you HAVE posted sales then I suggest you issue a gift certificate and plan on your cash drawer coming up short.

    You could also close a table with a coupon to just deduct the cash and plan on your cash drawer to be short.

    Hope that helps
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    I created a Refund button

    If anyone is interested, I created a refund button for Restaurant BPA. Let me know if you would like for me to post the directions. I also created a Gift card button that does not add tax. It's simple programming.

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    I would love to know how you added the Gift Card without tax

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