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Thread: State Withholding

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    Patti's Place Guest

    Unhappy State Withholding

    The program will not deduct my State Withholding Tax. I have entered MI in the paramaters.

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    BSS_Tech01 Guest
    The state witholding tax field should not be set to a state. If you press the F1 key while in the employee section you will see the definition and the function for that particular field.

    It should be set to a numerical value of the percent or whole number of $ to be with held each year.

    Hope this helps.

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    Lindsey Guest

    Angry payroll~ state withholding

    I saw the post of "go to employees and press F1" but it didn't help me. I still don't understand. Please tell me step by step what to do. Thanks!

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    bescosupply Guest

    Lindsey (state tax)

    Call me if you would like at 918.806.0500 and I'll walk you through it. I'm a new user as well and just figured it out.

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