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Thread: inventory seems missing

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    terrytownhdw Guest

    Question inventory seems missing

    In POS when I do an F8 inventory lookup the screen is blank. I have entered in inventory but there seems to be a problem bringing it up. Can this problem be fixed

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    BSS_Tech01 Guest

    Question Re: inventory seems missing

    When you are adding inventory records can you take me through the steps you are taking to add inventory? Example:POS > Add > ? next step you are taking to add inventory ?

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    terrytownhdw Guest

    Question bss tech01

    Jason my inventory is in the system. When I go to pos to enter a sale I do a look up or put in a part number and there is no inventory. This happens through pos. When you do a look up in the inventory module it is all there. I hope this helps.

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    BSS_Tech01 Guest

    re: inventory missing...

    Before we try anything, I would like you to re-index the database files for your software. You can accomplish this by loading the BPA Accounting software, selecting "files" from the menu across the top, then selecting "re-index data files". This option will re-index the database structure for all the data files in the BPA accounting software directory. Once you have done this simply close and re-load your BPA software and check your inventory. If this does not resolve your issue please post the results under this thread.

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    terrytownhdw Guest

    Question did not work

    I did what you suggested. No luck. When I go into the definitions and to modify a stock record I do an F8 pick the message reads No records found. Also when I go into POS to start a sale I do an F8 an a blank screen comes up with no inventory to chose from. Would it be possible that in the transfer of data there is a problem. Or should I reload the BPA program an start from the beginning.


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    If you get that message when you try to do a pick of a product to modify or when your in the pos or customer orders screen then you don't have any products defined.

    You need to define your products first in Definitions->Products->Add before you can do anything with inventory management, vendor orders, product receiveing, POS, or customer orders.

    The product database and the inventory database are two different data files you need to define a product before you can do enter any inventory for the product.

    You also would need to define at least a cash customer as well before you can run orders.

    BSS Tech Support Manager / Software Engineer

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