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Thread: Setting up a network - need help.

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    DannyA Guest

    Setting up a network - need help.

    Hey so I just recently purchased BPA. I haven't installed it yet because I need to know how to set this up correctly and I'm hoping someone here can help. First off, is it possible to be able to run this software from a computer and at the same time work on other stuff on the same computer (i.e. one computer with 2 monitors - one is the touch screen for POS and the other is a normal monitor for normal computer stuff)? If so, how do I go about doing this?
    If not, then I'll just purchase another cheap computer for the touchscreen and install it there.

    My other question, if it comes to needing the second computer to install the BPA, how can I network the two computers so that while one is doing the POS stuff, the other computer (for normal computer stuff) can still do things like check inventory and perform accounts receivable, create budgets and make financial calculations? Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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    Madison Guest
    Bpa can run in the background while you are performing other functions with your P.C. i am typing this response on my server) Setting up the network is very simple, all you would need is a router and some Cat5 cable to connect the computers. I have never used dual monitors but I am fairly certain that you could do what you described.
    If you have problems BPA tech support is always an option.
    All the techs have been great when I have called!

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    DannyA Guest
    Wow thanks for such a quick response! Good to know that BPA can run in the background while performing other functions on the same PC. But just to clarify, with the one PC two monitor set up, I want to be able to run the BPA on the touchscreen while doing other things on the other monitor. Also, from the normal monitor, can I access the different functions and data from BPA like I mentioned before (see above post) while still having BPA running on the touch? I'm just trying to get this all straightened out first because I thought I read somewhere that once I install the program on one computer I can't uninstall to move it to a new computer (am I right?). Thanks again for the help.

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