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Thread: Missing totals on "Monthly Sales Report"

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    Michael Guest

    Missing totals on "Monthly Sales Report"


    When i run this report on certain days I get only fields with no sum value
    This restaurant is open 7 days a week so its impossible to have this error
    I tried already a pack and twice re indexing the files with no result.

    From this point what else should I do. Please advice.


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    Are you posting your sales at the end of each business day?
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    Grazianosjurupa Guest

    What If Someone Doesn't Post Sales at End of Day?

    I also was missing sales information on the reports. I figured it was because the person closing the drawer at the end of the night, was forgetting to post the table sales each night. What if they were posted every few days instead of each day? Would it work that way? Or if they forget to post that night, the next time they post will it include everything since the last post?

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    It doesn't matter when you post - it just needs to be posted in order to view some reports in BPA.
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