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Thread: can't define sides list

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    TravisZ Guest

    can't define sides list

    I've already defined a couple sides lists, but now for some reason I can't.

    The items are defined as products.
    I named the side list "Drink Add-ons"
    I go to "define side list" then select "drink add-ons"
    I click "add", press F8 and select "REDBULL_ADDON" (tried all the others too)
    The description & price displays properly but if I tab through for another record or press F3 to save, then try to "view side list items", I get a box saying " records available!".


    I've tried selecting items that worked in other side list....didn't work here
    Tried no price....didn't work
    Tried adding to a different side list, even ones that worked before...not working now.
    Tried rebooting, going for a walk and coming back later....nada

    any ideas what's going on?
    using version 8.0 build date 3/13/2008

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    TravisZ Guest
    figured that one out.
    just wasn't giving the sides a name
    my mind was seeing the description and thinking that was enough

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