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Thread: Windows 95 Dll. Error

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    Unhappy Windows 95 Dll. Error

    I have successfully installed Bpa on to my windows 95 pos computer as a netsetup. The installation runs great and the program installs on the to the computer. I have all the corect drives mapped and correct permissions to access the server. When i go to click on the BPA icon on the win 95 pos computer there is a error saying "the VFP9R.DLL file is invalid or damaged" I have no clue on what is going wrong i have tire to re-install the netsetup 5 times now and still got the same error. I have the win 95 pos computer mapped to the root directory of my server. I have all administrative permissions to acess the Windows 2003 server but i am getting no wear on this win 95 pos. I have successfully installed bpa on my other pos computers wich run windows xp. Can someone please help me ??


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    This software does NOT work with Windows 95. It will work with Windows 98SE but not recommended. And if you are running some computers on Windows XP we recommend that you don't run any Windows 98 computers. You should either run all Windows XP or only mix Windows XP with Windows 2000.

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