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Thread: Setting up BPA on a server without sharing the root drive

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    Setting up BPA on a server without sharing the root drive

    Here are the steps for setting up BPA on a server without sharing the root drive.

    1. Install BPA and start it up at least once and then exit.
    Note: Skip this if you already have installed, DO NOT REINSTALL.

    2. Create a folder on your hard drive called "C".
    Note: You can name this folder whatever you want.

    3. Now share this folder with read/write permissions.

    4. Copy the BPA folder from the root drive into the shared folder.
    Note: Copy the entire folder into the shared folder and not just it's contents.

    5. Rename the BPA folder on the root drive to bpa.bak.

    You can now map your network drive on each of the client computers to this shared folder and run netsetup. If your client computers were already setup and mapped to the old share all you will need to do is make note of the drive letter the mapping is using and disconnect the mapped drive. Then remap to the new shared folder using the same drive letter the old mapping was using.

    At this point you would be done unless you need to run the software on the server as well. If so then all you need to do is setup the server like it was a client computer.

    1. On the server computer map a network drive to the shared folder on the server.
    2. Using that mapped drive run netsetup like you would on a client and that will allow you to run bpa on the server.

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