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Thread: Installing printers in a new Business

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    mark Guest

    Installing printers in a new Business

    Installing printers in a new Business

    Hello Everyone,
    I will be installing a new system very soon and need a little info on the printers.
    1. 1 x Server
    2. 2 x Wait/Stations
    3. 3 x Citizen CD-S500 Dot Matrix -Kitchen
    4. 2 x Citizen CT-S300 Thermal Receipt Printer

    1st ?
    Can you have a Receipt Printer at each station? I would think you can.
    2nd ?
    How would you network the Kitchen printers? can't find it in the do***entation
    3rd ?
    What is the best way to hook them up(USB, Serial, Parallel)

    Thanks for all you help.


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    jthomasaos Guest

    Our Printers

    1st - We have thermal receipt printers attached to each of our 3 wait stations, via the parallel port for 2 of the printers and serial for 1.

    2nd - We used serial cables connected to the server for our 2 dot-matrix kitchen printers, then shared them over the network. Epson provides an ethernet printer model but I do not know about Citizen.

    3rd - USB would also work for the receipt printers but you need to go serial or ethernet for runs over 25 ft.


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    mark Guest

    Installing printers in a new Business

    Thank You for your help.

    ? 2

    Would I need to install a PCI card in the server so I can support 3 printers in the kitchen? Why would I need to share them out?


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