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Thread: wrong prices, wrong everything

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    Angry wrong prices, wrong everything

    I've been using this software for the last 5 years. I just had an update and even though I backed up all my data, I still lost all my contact including addresses. In addition to my data loss, now whenever I take an order for pizza the prices come up wrong. The coupons also are wrong. some of the toppings of the pizza is not being charged. I do not know what to do. I've called tech. support many times and still not solved the problem. any ideas or suggestions? I am getting desperate and thinking of changing software.

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    I don't think an update will cause this. It might be data corruption or a bad index on your database files. Did you turn off the software during the update process? Either way, I would contact BSS Tech support to see if they can help you recover this information.

    Like I said, the update doesn't overwrite data and doesn't change prices.

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