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    Guest Count Wrong

    Although my servers are entering the guest count (# of guests) they are not appearing in the "View Closed Orders" Table. I'm getting zeros for all dine in checks and 1's for all dine out checks (even though I have selected N for default guest count to 1 for dine out checks in the misc definitions).

    I need to get an accurate guest count for each day.

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    I have been running tests and found no issues with this area of the software. If your servers are putting in a guest count for each order taken, it will show up in the closed order header.

    Now if you are looking at the closed order items and focusing on the 'guest' field, this would be another story. The guest field represents what guest is linked to what item. BPA has options to allow a server to link guests with items for easy ticket splitting later on.

    Make sure you are looking in the right database and if you still see the problem, call us at (801) 336-3303 and speak with technical support.
    Business Software Solutions, Inc.
    (801) 336-3303

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