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Thread: error message 1754

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    Diversions Guest

    error message 1754

    I set up a client computer in my office so when i make changes to the system i am not in the way. I am having a problem i maped the drive ran netsetup and in installed the support files but when i try to open the software i get this error message.

    error 1754: can not find entry point netwkstaTransportEnum in t

    any help or ideas for this over worked general manager?

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    GaryRussell Guest
    Check the network? Perhaps you have a firewall issue blocking the port? It sounds like it could be a bunch of things.

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    Madison Guest
    Did you have the full version installed on the client?
    If so that may be the reason for the error.
    Call support they can tell you what the error is.

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    Just an overview of the network installation.

    **DO NOT USE THE REGULAR RESTAURANT CD TO INSTALL A CLIENT AT ANY TIME!! - if you have done this - uninstall from control panel > add/remove programs - then delete the bpa folder on the local C: drive**

    1 - Share out the C: drive on the main server computer that will be hosting the data files.

    2 - Through the network, navigate to the shares on the server computer.

    3 - Right click on the C: drive and select map network drive.

    4 - Map the network drive to whatever drive letter you would like. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE RECONNECT AT LOGON CHECKED!

    5 - Once you select finish, it should bring up the contents of the drive you just mapped (if not, it will be in 'my computer). From the drive contents, open the bpa folder and run 'netsetup.exe'. Make sure the fields are filled out correctly and hit install.

    6 - This will install the bpa program on this machine and make it so it will read the data from the server computer. Open bpa from your desktop shortcut and/or start menu.

    If you are confident that you followed these instructions then please, feel free to call us at (801) 336-3303 and talk to a technician. He will be able to troubleshoot your issue and get that all set up and running.
    Business Software Solutions, Inc.
    (801) 336-3303

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