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    I feel like a pain, but this forum seems to be the only way to get answers to questions. The books and help menus only cover about half of the system, but I do realize that you are in the process of updating the manuals.

    I have 9 posts on this board asking questions on different issues that have not been addressed. Granted, 4 posts were responded to in less than 24 hours, but waiting 2, 3 or more days to get answers to basic question is just way too long. These questions affect my ability to go any further in design, and have now brought the project to a complete stopage. I have now had to deley my implementation again.

    Please tell me if there is a better solution to getting these resolved.

    On the other hand, I want to re-emphasize that this software is great. Very easy to use, and very user friendly. I just need some answers.


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    The Support Forums are not our frontline support it is only a supplement to our phone support. If you need support right away call us at 801-294-3300.

    Phone Support is $2 dollars per minute minimum $20 dollars.

    Also if you purchased the Restaurant or Restaurant Delivery software and have started paying your monthly Software License Fee to run the software you then get 4 free 20 min tech support phone calls per year.

    The Support forums main purpose is for users of the software to interact and answer each others questions, we check in every so often and answer questions but only when we have time.


    BSS Tech Support Manager / Software Engineer

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