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Thread: Inventory reduction / recipes

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    Kenny Coskey Guest

    Inventory reduction / recipes

    In defining a product ("C"), I am using recipe defintions from other defined products ("A", "B") for inventory reduction. Assuming the costs for A and B constitute the full cost for product C, I am assuming that I should not enter a dollar cost for product C. which would this double the cost for prduct C. ?????

    Is this asumption correct?

    product C Pizza
    product B Pizza sauce
    product A Pizza dough

    Also, Can I have recipes within recipes ?

    i.e. break down product A with all its ingrediants for use in inventory costs and reductions?

    Thanks Kenny

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    Kenny Coskey Guest

    Angry Inventory reduction using recipe's

    No it does not.... !!!!!! The system does not allow a heiarchical design for recipe componants within other recipes... I am currently assigning 17 repetitive items (3 actually differ) to 24 products. Originally I had 4! too BAD!

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